My Story

How it all began.


How it all started

Sub|Urban (formerly Customs by Amz) was born out of a personal need for an outlet. An outlet as a woman, an outlet as a creative and an outlet as a black person in America. As a woman, we often find ourselves constantly seeking approval from outside sources. Sources that will never bring us real happiness. As an artist, we often find the most important source of approval comes from within. My art is created from that intersection. Where being a conscious woman meets being a self sufficient artist. I hope to give you "the feels" with each piece you see.

“I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.”
— Jean-Michel Basquiat


I believe that art is subjective. Custom handbags allow for my customers to feel that their voices are heard through what they wear. Every piece is 1 of 1 and is painted by hand which makes the outcome that much more special.

I believe that animals should not be harmed during the making of materials, products or clothing. Each handbag is vegan leather and cared for with love.

About The Rebrand

Why Sub|Urban?
The name came to me as a way to embrace change. While the brand has had some great success in urban cities like Chicago, it took for me to undergo a bit of a personal transformation and get back to my suburban roots to truly discover what my vision for this brand is. This is more than art now, this is about sustaining a world of cruelty-free fashion. My journey back home for a few months (aka my post, or sub, urban break) has truly opened my eyes to the brand's potential. We can't let all of our secrets out right away, but get prepared for some amazing changes!

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