Black Weirdo

This piece is dedicated to all of the black people who have ever felt ostracized for not fitting into the stereotypical mold of what being black is. 

You know? Being “cool” or “hip” just due to the color of your skin.

Growing up, I always was the odd man out. I liked books...scratch that...I LOVED books & I spent my free time browsing through Barnes and Noble aisles instead of trying to fit in

I didn’t care to wear all the "popular" shoes or clothes that my classmates had.

I didn't care to rock the same hairstyles or attend the same parties.

I was different.

I was myself and I didn’t care to fit in with the “cool kids”.

For this, of course, I got teased, bullied, made fun of, you name it. The kids called me lame...said I was weird and just didn’t even try to understand who I was as a person. A real person.

It’s funny now though, because those same “cool kids” that made it their duty to make me feel less than, are the same now adults who are now requesting to follow me on Instagram and desiring to be my friend on Facebook. 

Buuuuut anyway. 

I want us to break down these walls

These stereotypes need to be done away with

These behaviors need to be unlearned 

There’s nothing wrong with being smart and outwardly awkward

My favorite place on earth is the bookstore 

I jump for joy when cartoon movies hit the theatres 

The club pisses me off

I'm super quiet around large groups of people & I sweat OVERTLY when I'm put on the spot.

& So what? You know? Does that make me weird? A "lame"? Awkward? What do these terms even mean?

I was a tough one...luckily...because I knew who I was and I stuck with that, but I also know that it's not that easy for all kids these days.

Suicide is too common now.

Hate crimes are happening left and right.

Cyber bullying is a THING

Let's start chipping away at these mountains...these mountains built by us used to keep us away from one another

The change starts with our words

Respecting each other's differences

Knowing that one person's parallel interest in something doesn't make you any better than them

I mean think about it, so many people from my past see me now and say "wow, I had no clue you were into art" and I'm thinking "right, had you spent time getting to know me vs magnifying what you thought made me'd know that and more"

We'd all know more

More about each other

More about ourselves, our communities, our neighbors, our wellbeing, our existence

It could all be so simple.

....but what do I know? I'm just a black weirdo ;)