Why My “I Am Spiritual” Approach was Complete Bull...


Now I just knowwwww some of my readers will feel me on this one. 

I just know it.

So let’s go! 

For some time now, I’ve been battling.

Battling between my spiritually, my beliefs, societies beliefs and organized beliefs that have been ingrained in so many of us without choice. 

Ive been changing

So I think it’s safe to say that the recurring theme in these posts is just that. Change. 

I’ve changed

You’ve changed 

We all change and continue to change 

Some may say I’m “woke” and while I can’t disagree with that, I think that my version of woke was - let me be down and help progress us - but uhh at the same time, let me throw salt on ALL things man made by white masses

Jumbled up in that mass was organized religion and Christianity 

I felt that since the agenda was PUSHHHED on my people during slavery that I just would do away with religion and frankly, any belief system that came with it. 


Never again. 

Now I do still stand behind the idea of not agreeing with agenda pushing and organized religion...but that’s an entirely different topic - so where I messed up was in losing myself and my grip on what I had already known just by being me.

I mean yea, I had some things to unlearn, but in turn I was supposed to learn for myself and I wasn’t. 

I lost faith.

I saw no end in something I couldn’t physically wrap my hands around.

I saw no light in a tunnel I didn’t build...but that’s because I wouldn’t build it.

I could

I should

I should build my tunnel of faith

I will build my tunnel of faith

I didn’t have to read the Bible and attend mass every Sunday.

I did have to let go of the whole “I’m spiritual” (but I do nothing within my spirituality) ideal.

For me, it was just a label to use so that I didn’t actively have to be present and walking in my faith, but oh, I had to be active.

I had to be active and ready to receive my blessings.

I had to realize that whether I wanted to believe it or not - someone was guiding me.

Someone I would never actually physically get my hands on, but who would actively and consistently be showing me the way

The way to my blessings

The way to my happiness

The way to my purpose

Now you may not find me front row and center in a church right now, but you sure will catch me on my knees sending my prayer hands up instead of with my head in between them.

Everything seemed so dark because I didn’t want to turn on the lights.💡 

So look...

I just turned on the lights.

...and we back! *Chance the Rapper voice*