My 9-5 Is My Side Hustle

Most, if not everything that I’ve been doing lately is 99% mental. Mentally preparing myself to do something, making sure I’m ready to mentally absorb things and ideas and mentally being present and aware of what’s to come. Am I mentally ready for this? Do I have the mental capacity to complete these tasks? Those are the questions I ask myself before diving into new projects, new people and new energy. I almost feel as though, everything we do is standing on a strong base of what we are ready for mentally. Even the most strenuous physical activity can be completed, overcome, ruined, conquered…you name it…through having a strong mindset.

Those who know me personally know that I’ve been juggling a full time job and my entrepreneurial endeavors for about 2(ish) years now. I do a lot at times and by the looks of it, you’d forget I even have a 9-5, but I do. I work full time to fund my initiatives and to keep me (semi) sane while my independent projects have time to flourish. So in these last few years, I’ve often struggled with the balance of working full time in well…two areas honestly. I used to get so wrapped up in thinking that there was absolutely no way possible I could work full time AND get my business off the ground. It sounded damn near impossible…sounded.

A lot of people get caught up in what they think it looks like to work for yourself. It doesn’t feel as glamorous as it looks, but it is always worth it when you’re doing what you’re doing because it is your passion. So while I wish I could stop working full time, the reality is that it’s not time yet. It’s not time for me because there’s a few things left unbalanced. You know what it is time for though? A mindset shift. A shift from thinking that the 9-5 is my full time job and that the things I do outside of work are just “side hustles”. I mean sure, they don’t fully pay the bills just yet, but the goal is that they will so the mind is the first thing to change.

Shifting my mindset in order to start phasing out of feeling mentally exhausted and into the reality of what a timeline might look like to work for myself is compromised of something a little like this…

    • I consider my 9-5 to be my side hustle. Sure, society calls it working “full-time” but what I do on my own time is what truly fits that description. When it comes to my art and my writing, that’s full time….I mean, sh*t really…that’s all the time. My mind is always going in circles about those things, 24/7…365.

    • I choose my stress thresholds. While at my day-job, there’s a certain level of stress that I’ll allow for myself before I realize I may need to take a walk or in some cases even take the rest of the day off.  In order to mentally remain in tact with my eyes of the prize, this is essential. I absolutely refuse to let something stress me out to the point of stopping my own projects just to relax. I’d much rather be stressed about what I truly feel is my calling in life.

    • I force myself to see the why in everyday. Why am I working full time? Why am I not a full time entrepreneur yet? Why am I working this hard? It’s because I was cut out for this life and because no matter how hard I try, I can’t steer myself away from my dreams. They’ll haunt me…trust me they’ll haunt me.

    • I don’t complain about the things that I CAN change. Truth be told, this one is still a work in progress, but it’s totally possible. When we complain, we don’t even realize how much negativity we put into the air and on to others around us. Misery is contagious and like we all know, it loves company. The less you complain, the more you change.

    • Lastly, I realize that welp dammit my bills are paid! I could be penny pinching (even harder, cuz oh boy…I certainly already am) but I could be REALLY penny pinching without the safety net of my 9-5…I mean my side hustle. ;)

Think of your life in reverse. When I go home to work on my brand and myself, THAT’S my calling and that’s when my true workday really begins. I’ll give everything that I do my best effort and I’d never sh*t on anybody for staying put, but this for me is the first step to the rest of my journey. As people, we have to realize that not everything that we don’t see purpose in is purposeless. We just need to realize what each lesson serves to teach us and keep it moving.