I Give Up


I was thinking...and you know thinking healsThinking yields Results Ideas Ideals So what’s real?

In this moment right here and right now, I feel that I have a purpose I feel that I’ll fulfill it through art and ambition It fuels me

So In finding what fuels me I’ve also found what depletes me Now that I’ve found these things, it’s time to give up on them It’s time to stop letting things become me and to stop letting experiences and traumas mold my future

So I give up.

I give up on overindulging Overindulging in numbing vs coping snoop-weed-gif

I give up on sulking Sulking in what WAS vs rejoicing in what IS

I give up on staying stagnant Stagnant in what’s working vs what could work better

I give up on excuses Excuses about what I don’t have vs what I can go out and get

I give up on underutilizing my time Waking up moments before I have to be out the door vs having a routine to promote productivity

I give up on false connections Staying OVER connected online and introverted offline.

I give up on the slave mentality Feeling like my dreams will die because it’s more “realistic” to keep my day job.

I give up on not seeing Not being Not believing

You see...

I give up on giving up.

I give. Do you?

“I know heaven is a mindset, I been a couple times. Stuck in my ways so I keep on falling down.” - J.Cole, The Cut Off

XOXO, Ams.