Dear Depression


Dear Depression,Thank you. For helping me put a name to my random and unexplainable bouts of unhappiness

Dear Depression, I cherish you. For allowing me to feel, I mean to really FEEL what I was avoiding all of these years...the truth.

Dear Depression, Damn you. Damn you for taking over and making me think that the practical path was the way. Forcing me to subconsciously bury all of my talents, my passions and let them get dusty underneath a BSBA.

Dear Depression, GOT DAMN YOU I was THIS close to following my dreams...THIS close...but you had to lead me astray

Dear Depression, It's's ok, really it's fine. I found you and I cornered you and I defeated you and now? Well, now I'm laughing at you.

Yea, You've changed me. I'm not that little girl anymore. I'm not the center of attention anymore. but... The loudest person in the room? That's a complex. I'm comfortable now. Genuine OK with not being "liked" fact I thrive off being the odd one out.

Dear Depression, See ya later.

You don't live here no'mo.