The Problem I have with the Problem You Have With Rap Music


Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.13.21 PM.png You know what I hear so often in the rap/hip-hop/r&b lovers community?

"Music isn’t wasn’t it used to be" I hear it SO much...and I'm just like well yea, it's not... because nothing is. I’m not who I used to be. You’re not who you used to be. He's not who he used to be and she's not who she used to be. People change but remain the same.

In my opinion, so does music. Now, y'all (most of y'all) know me. You know how I like to carry myself and about the things I hold close to me. You know I like to free my mind and forever create space for new ideas, concepts and theories.

So most people find it shocking to find out that I love the all the "mumble rappers" right now right along with the classics and the pioneers

fresh prince Don't get me wrong, sometimes, I turn on the radio and wonder who the hell gave some of these rappers a deal...but shit...they had a chance and they took it.

Give me one & I'm taking it too, I'm poetic, right?? ;) I could rap if I really wanted to... I kid, I kid! (Maybe)


It's like lately, wherever I turn, I hear of so many people who express their displeasure with the "new-age" rap music and unfairly make completely paralleled comparisons between two completely different types of rappers and frankly different people with non-comparable upbringings and unforeseen futures.

So here's the problem that I have ... It's not THAT deep y'all It's JUST music Some of it resonates and some of it just makes you feel good Some of it has a message and some of it has a message to move ya a** to the dancefloor

That's how I feel We can't continue to compare the Migos to Pac Or Lil Yachty to HOV I mean somebody had to pave the way, right? Hell, even back in the day I still think we had some form of this happen...which, as I take it, is what y'all call it when you just don't get it/can't understand it/don't wanna hear it? So you label it mumble ramping. I don't know...

I mean think about it Bone Thugs-N-Harmony released "Tha Crossroads" in the same decade that Digital Underground made "The Humpty Dance" 1 thing ain't like the other here, but y'all still jammed right??

I mean personally, I love 2Pac to this day (with my feminist ass- haha.), but in the same breath, I'm not ashamed to say that Bad & Boujie was my sh*t last summer!

The last problem I have is that there's even a problem to begin with You don't like it, don't listen. I don't think rap or the rap culture is ruined I think it's changing and evolving, but we have levels. We have the gimmick rappers The poetic rappers The political rappers The OG's & the, y'all can't tell me sh*t so I'm just going to roll with what's hot right now and see what happens rappers

I don't think the industry has lost sight, I think we as people have. We still have Kendrick J.Cole Common Nas Jay-Z Need I go on? They all still remain humble and true in an era with a message during a time where they could've easily steered off the road.

I think as a rap/hip-hop culture we need to appreciate. We need that black on black love back. So in layman's's like our mama's told us growing up "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all."

I'm not saying go download some records you'll never listen to, but let the young ones shine and listen to ya classics in the same realm of...sorry (not sorry) to say it again but, everything is everything.

I mean...I'm poetic, y'all want me to start rapping?? Then you'll REALLY be complaining! HA! Jokes :)