No Fancy Title...Just Freakin' Normalize Breastfeeding


Hi,We talk about this all the time We continually have to have these conversations Why do we continually have to have these conversations? These tired a** conversations about policing a woman in her most natural state... Why?

I’m writing this because I’m pretty taken aback My sister has a 3 month old baby girl ands she’s breastfeeding Ever since the day my niece was born, my sister has breastfed her at the drop of a dime, no matter where, no matter what, no matter who's around.. and well frankly….like all great mothers do. Babies don't care if they sky is falling, if they're hungry - YOU FEED THEM. I'm an aunt y'all...I'm learning firsthand. Bare with me. Naturally, I've been back and forth between Chicago and Atlanta visiting my sis and her new family every couple of months since June. & I’ve had back to back guests accompany me to visit my sister and niece, each time bringing in a new spirit to take in the normality of her openly breastfeeding.

It’s normal…because... well it is …normal. You eat, right? When you're hungry & have access to food...correct? Ok. Thanks.

So about this “talk” ladies and gents… I was heated, to learn…that my sister was recently asked to cover up in public while she fed her daughter. Like, I've seen the viral videos and Facebook rants...but it just never occurred to me that there was a chance that it'd happen to her. and while I won’t tell her business It was in a place that should’ve been WIDELY receptive to the act of breastfeeding and while I’m free-spirited enough to realize that people are complex and things can be “triggering” or “upsetting” in certain settings.. I kind of just told my sis

“Fuck ‘em”

When I asked how she reacted, she said the most brilliant words I’d ever been lucky enough to hear… She told me well I just replied with “oh, no it’s okay, I’m totally fine with it” HA! I loved it. Her response was based on how comfortable SHE was. She didn't even think twice about it. It was almost like “oh, cover up? for me right? not you? nah, I’m good - but thanks for your concern!” *Drops Mic*

and that’s all she wrote.

Yep, that’s my sissy in the header image. A little photographic journey of her emotions towards openly breastfeeding, shot by one of her gal-pals :)

xoxo - Ams