The Magic of Having Good Black Girlfriends


I love my friends.I say that a lot...but I do. Let me tell ya, I haven't always had a good group of girlfriends, so keeping those that I do have requires work. Good, close-knit and unbreakable bonds aren't built overnight. A friendship is STILL a relationship, just of different sorts. Having good people in your circle is important. Having good black people in your circle is crucial.


So after building, strengthening and keeping together the few ladies that I've got, I wanted to share my experience with my readers. I wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of the magic of having good black gal-pals and makings sure they stay around.

If this were a book, the chapters might read something like this...

I... Support your friends bad decisions. Support them, not condone. Support them and let them know that they're bad...but stay close for when they realize it too. They'll need you more than an "I told you so".

II... Support your friends good decisions. Support them, share them, help them, invest in them and watch your friends flourish.

III... Love who your friends love. This ain't easy, but neither is finding new friends. *special circumstances of watching your friends love shitty people and not loving those folks back does not love those people*

IV...Your friends have kids? Welp, so do you. Now chill out, I don't mean it literally...but if your friend's child is in the picture. Shut up, sit down and enjoy the ride...they aren't going anywhere and neither are you!

V...Be there.

VI...If your friends ask for the truth, tell them the truth. Same goes for a lie.

I don't have all of the answers. Never do! But I speak from experience and my experience is my truth.