Everything is Everything


A series of random ideas that I feel most people think they pay attention to, but don't. 🌻 So here we go...

Imagine if the concept of money didn’t exist. It didn't once. It was called bartering...but when that wasn't enough, we had to introduce currency and separate those who had more from those who had less.

We have to ask for raises, but we are praised for minuscule achievements at work. I mean miniscule... as if you saved the ship. Like answering an email “swiftly” or just doing your damn job. Sigh. Then you’re just thinking (wow really thank you this is great, but... this sh*t is simple af🤔).

We’re such naturally trusting people. So why so much hate in our hearts? We get in the car with complete strangers and expect them to be a “safe way home” under our beloved Uber and Lyft apps. So why rob our brothers, why do we lie to our brothers?

Pharmaceutical companies are rich as hell. I'm just going to leave that one there.

Alcohol is legal. Weed is not. Prescription drugs are legal. Weed is not.  Cigarettes are legal. Weed is not. Are you following me?

Feminism is a thing of the past, present and future. Remember what Pac said? "And since we all came from a woman Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman I wonder why we take from our women Why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it's time to kill for our women Time to heal our women, be real to our women" - 2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up

Racism still exists. STILL. There are humans walking this earth that still don't believe that.

Thinking is therapy. Seeing is believing. Intuition is reality.

Everything is Everything.

Y'all better believe Ms. Lauryn...