The Aura of Growth


I'm convinced that the aura of growth is female Let me tell you why

I have this friend This amazing friend This friend who... Despite the roadblocks Always manages to keep her positive energy in tact It's refreshing In fact... To see Her knees Come slamming to the ground as she weeps Only Instead of sulking, uses her tears to wash the streets Gets up and seeks... More

She... Locks and re-loads & Re-loads & Re-loads... Each time reaching into her bottomless pit of silver linings, positive outlooks and glowing horizons Never letting go of the gun Forever watching the sun & re-emerging with the new day

I know what you are thinking This girl is me & while I'd love to take the credit It's V to the double E.

Yea...I love my friends enough to let their auras inspire my pen.

Fin. xoxo - Ams