Speak On It


I have to open this piece by saying that I Google searched for the synonyms of "good" and got all of these fantastic words that I felt to be easily applied to my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow. Oh look! It made the header image.

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Let's be... Marvelous Positive Satisfactory Superb

Prime Admirable Worthy Gratifying Splendid

and tip-top

It's Friday...that statement alone just got some people through their day before it even started... and I said it, but I need more.

Let's try to wake up on the right side of the bed so much that the right side is the only side there is Let's speak up for once and not wonder "what if I would have said that?" Let's just go...just move...just do the damn thing today Speak on it

Speak on it. I firmly believe in this saying and not the way you would think. I don't mean speaking out loud. I mean whispering those small affirmations to ourselves to ensure our souls that we are driving the ship. Whisper those what-if's and change them to what will be's and see that. Envision that. Embody that.

Let's think about the amount of your precious time it takes to waste good energy on bad thoughts Let's renew that energy Let's make our souls yet another reliable resource of the Earth Who said it had to be tangible?

There's something after this... This life is to be lived to leave It is. Let's leave it with a bang and about 100+ years on top of this year

Let us stop and get out our smartphones and unlock our homescreen and Google search "synonyms for good"