Respect A Woman Who...


Respect a woman WhoRips a hole in her stockings, but still wears them out

Respect a woman who Doesn't have to be simple for your approval

Respect a woman who Lets her ambition drive her wild

Who Prays a little harder in the dark times than the light

Who Has the mind enough to manifest her thoughts into art

Who Keeps her head above her shoulders above her heart above it all

Respect a Woman Who Eats takeout 6 nights a week and goes all out in the kitchen on the 7th

A Woman Who Dances by herself

A Woman Who Cares about her self help and likes to sleep in her own bed some nights

Who.. Enjoys her own company more than that of anyone else

Who can Be alone with her thoughts and not run for the hills

Who.. Is seriously simply extra (Did you see what I did there??) ha..

A Woman Who Isn't afraid to write this and to be happy because that woman is her


That woman: IMG_7746