Why Black Gurl


Why Black Girl?Why do people associate negative characteristics to you? Us black women? You know? Like when folks say: she's an angry black woman Or that we're loud or have an attitude? At no time do the two automatically correlate Did I mention I said people? ALL people. Heard it from all of the colors of the human shield's spectrum You can be a loud woman You can be an angry woman Hell, you want to have an attitude? Have a damn attitude but that's you That's not black women Hmmm...wait! That's not even "women" It's reaching Is every black man dangerous? Every Indian? Hispanic? Asian? Nah ...so you see my point? I really shouldn't have to say thissss anymoreeeee, but I do It's reaching It's reaching for the heavens It's reaching for solar system It's reaching for the moon, the sun and the stars To continue to place us in a box That can't be unchecked On the form that goes nowhere

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