Truth Is...


Most people think that I'm quiet...and I am..but...Truth is... If you think I'm THAT quiet, you're reading too much into me I mean sure I can be a little sealed into myself and awkward at first glance, but I just prefer to make genuine connections with people that I plan to surround myself with for longer than 2 seconds & a flower like that takes some time to blossom

I can't do small makes me cringe I sit there like "yea...nice blue sky we have's so...uh, blue" I know... Weird That's just the way that I am (not that I give a damn)...but you do? Now don't get me wrong I can put on a show if I need a little public speaking or entertain those who need entertaining ...but not everyone deserves a piece of me My therapist told me that I'm not shy, I'm just real real in tune... "Whatever that means" is what I thought to myself initially, but now it makes sense Now it comes to light Now it faces forward

I used to wonder if too much change was a bad thing It's like, how do you stay YOU and continue to change so much? It's evolution It's watering the roots, but watching the tree sprout and the leaves grow and change colors and fall off and grow right back just as beautiful as before

So truth is... I may not always have a lot to say but I've damn sure got a lot to take in

Sitting in silence with myself is serene I get to let my mind go absolutely crazy...and then 9 times out of 10 it ends up here (you're welcome)

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Y'all cool? I'm cool.

xoxo -Ams