Win the Battle


I love meeting new peopleNew and interestingly genuine people People with a past With a no shame - an I am who I am attitude I love a clear lens to look through Knowing that what I'm giving is what I'm receiving...

Ok, I'm getting too poetic This one wasn't supposed to be poetic (dammit there I go again)

Ahem- *Clears Throat*

I just wanted to tell a story of winning a battle Of forever winning a battle For what most people who would never experience it would not understand I'm going back there again (and if ya sick of it, move on...) I'm talking about depression It Is REAL People are living with it Living in it Living because of it Or so if often seems?

I want you all to understand...that to do these following things on a regular basis seems so organic.."so normal" but it isn't second nature to us all:

Take care of yourself, first, more than last. Rest I mean truly rest in your free time and enjoy it Get to know yourself, even more, everyday Love yourself, for you and for no one else Value what is you... that is not another UNDERSTAND what you truly truly desire in life and achieve it spiritually So no one can take physical joy from you Realize that only you can do that little "thing" that you never told anyone you could do...but you can...

Just win Win the battle Make it your daily duty to overexert yourself to win

I will.