Ladies, listen up! 


Ladies, Listen Up. *Puts on self proclaimed, inexperienced (but gaining experience) philanthropist hat and grabs pen*

Women's intuition is the TRUTH If there's one thing I've learned as I begin to fill into myself, it's that you should always speak your mind when you care. No matter what, no matter where. Not only does it bring you reassurance, but it brings you peace. You worried about somebody? Ask them what's up. You bothered by something your friend said to you? Let them know. You questioning somebody's motive? Their place in your life? Ask 'em. Outright. "What are you doing here and how long do you plan to stay?"

Someone who is much older than me once told me this and I'd heard it before, but it wasn't until recently that it made sense... "Don't let anybody live in your mind rent free" Naive Amber never really grasped the "rent free" part What does this mean? To me? What would rent even be?

Ok So if someone is taking up space in your mind or life, make sure they've done their fair share to stay there. It isn't measured in actions, gifts, physical presence, etc... It's mutual It's an I am therefore we are situation You following me? It's an, I respect your hustle and you respect mine outline. Are we on the same page? Reading the same book? Or have you not even dusted the cover? You in the bookstore yet? Library? Online directory? What's up?

Women's intuition is the truth Listen ladies Listen Speak Absorb Release Exhale Peace