Eviction Notice


When did you realize you were “woke”?I remember when I did I did twice I thought I was once before, but I wasn't Not yet

I remember When I first embraced that I was a speck in the pool of the unrepresented A speck Nonetheless, a part

I used to get so angry At the news At the propaganda I hadn’t quite cut the puppet strings Loose strings though…don’t trip.

They wilted So I did the ol’ snag and pull & off the strings fell

I don’t think everyone’s moment will be the same but Some of mine were tiny Yet Memorable

When I smiled and blurted out “how are you brother?” to a complete stranger holding out a can & filling it with a little change and a little "change" When I embraced the magic When I realized that a platform is available & the opening would go quick When I stopped fearing for us and started fighting for us When I Un.der.stood the reason I was born...what I was here to do

So this is an eviction notice, chains. You won't have a hold on many other ankles for much longer