Sometimes I wonder if I am too sensitiveIf I let minuscule things get under my beautiful brown skin Skinned By everything and everyone who doesn't think or see like I do I wonder Sometimes If people tip-toe around me for fear that they may offend me Remember when I wrote about being Brown While Working? Well I wonder If I should just not have said anything; because I ruffled feathers; because I was out that day at work...but I saw photos of the event and everyone looked particularly happy sunken BOOOO (thumbs down) b****hes Same b****es who asked me to speak up in the first pl.... Ok Convo for another time but you see? That's what I mean Like Am I too sensitive? Should I brush it off and smile sink like the rest of them? My friend called me crazy for that No such thing My friend knows that too...but it just struck a chord Hmmm

This post is being concluded. I think we all know that I know that I'm not.

Hi!! Still here. Still writing. Still "bitching and complaining". Still reading?

Moment-Where-She-Clearly-Outgrown-Being-Single-Lady (1)