She's Home


This is what I'm supposed to look likeThis is the skin I have and am supposed to be wrapped in This is the hair I was given by the hands of God This is the small weight that my body was built to hold (well right now at least, I'm still in my 20s so who knows!) This is the crooked smile I was given & yeah I can fix it, but f**k it, I'll still prosper This is the size 8 foot protruding from my "chicken legs" that was crafted carefully to extend from my lower limbs These are the coils, tightly wound, and dark brown that my scalp was formed to grow and stretch past my neckbones These are the dark elbows and ashy knees that were supposed to cover my bones These acne scars are strategically placed on my face after I poke and pick at them until it makes a mark that will clear on its own in a few This is the natural odor of coconut oil and cocoa butter that I carry in my pores due to the use of what products my body absorbs from nature The lean in my right's right The arch in my right's right The "resting bitch face" that my muscles naturally form when my emotions are at ease These bushy damn near uni-brow twins above my eyelids are supposed to be this way - no wax or thread formed against me shall prosperrr! I'm sick of the burns & could never find someone who wouldn't f**k them up anyway I'm supposed to be bare I wear little to no makeup, because my natural is supposed to be there I'm meant to have a little puffiness in my cheeks after a long night's sleep My ass is supposed to pop out a little in this dress and not at all in these jeans I just Suppose.

Photo on 3-28-17 at 9.09 PM

*& yeah, I photoshopped a Basquiat crown over my Macbook selfie just for this post*