What are we doing?Filling this void? Occupying these empty spaces? You feel natural next to me We Feel natural Together or here at the same time Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Are we? Thinking cohesively

What are we doing? Have I mistaken what natural realm is reality? What is real Who is…

Waiting I remember when you waited on this When you Waited Pati-ence It surrounded the energies connecting us What really is connecting us? Are we?

Pushing You push I pull..you pull ..I push..push Pull Push …full We..

Do you feel me? When you’re in…me Or is it just me? Who do you see? Who is…

She It’s okay She knows though She grows though Weep. Sleep.

Let’s pray on it Let’s play on this What is Right now.. is… Right Now

*That featured image is my art :) good old charcoal on bristol, just edited it a ton to look rustic just for this post**

I'm trying be more "poetic" ....

-Xoxo, Ams