**Spoiler alert: The featured image taken from Humble has no real correlation to this post...that video is just vibeesss! It could if you truly want it to though** I dont think I'm even ready for what I'm about to post here ... You see I'm your "in tune" friend I'm that wanna-be tree hugger who just hasn't fully developed into my true huggin' state yet because I don't feel as if I deserve that much truth right now I haven't grasped that much knowledge yet  I mean, sure, the 30k worthy knowledge is secured on that paper ...but that free knowledge...that knowledge that has levels...I just barely scratched the surface  Are you still with me? Ok... So I'm in tune with those I consider myself to be close to I can feel what you feel Without you telling me that you feel it...feel me? Sometimes I don't reel that energy in and it grabs an outsider ... I ponder whether I should tap into it ..I've wondered  But In the midst of another robust ass conversation over Mary...I was let in to be aware To beware Of the energy "grabbers"...or what'd she call them? " Energy hackers and jackers" (Sidenote: I love my friends) Cuz that stuck "uh" what if I tap in is your own energy...your soul reeling itself back in Got To Beware Be where? Aware.

Think I'm "crazy" yet? Keep your subscription.

Thanks Vee.

Xoxo, -Ams.