It's a gloomy day in Chicago todaySo instead of my usual "weather is mood" stance on a day like today, I figured I'd motivate some readers

So the next time you get a case of the mondazee (and I am primarily referring to "you" as me) you can refer back to this post :)

So ...do it...do that "thing" you've been itching to do all weekend and finally feel like carrying out today

Paint it Paint that picture..it'll be pretty as f**k when you finish & you'll be messy as hell but it'll be worth the release

Speak it Speak that thing that's been on your mind in that meeting, make the choice that fits you

Eat it EAT THAT fatty pizza!! It's only Monday, you have 5 more working days to be healthy...and then Saturday to re-coup

Work it Work that skinny ass pair of jeans even if ya muffin top is hanging over - mine did..got a belt mark on my skin from how tight they got after lunch (lunch was deep dish btw, I originally planned for a small salad)

Call them! Call that somebody that's been on your mind...so what if they decline you? Call ya mama next, she has to answer...right? Right??

Make it Make it happen...whatever it is..idk I lost my train of thought LOL

Smoke it Smoke that MaryJ like it's legal where you are! Not too casually though...like don't just straight up walk outside blunt in hand...well at least not on my block..cuz..just no (maybe just stay inside for now)

Drink it Drink that shot of tequila - because remember, it is Monday...Dr.P is about as reckless as it gets for me these days

Apply for it For that job that you've had your eye on, even though you feel as though you aren't qualified

Post it Post that selfie - the 101st one is the one! Post that blog entry...shit, I know I am!

Literally...could y'all tell I had no better content today? Haha.

I could go on and on

It's still raining

You get my point though

xoxo -Ams