The Flat Iron vs The Water Hose


hair I’ve seen this photo circulating on the internet for a while now I love it I love any accurate artistic depiction of the natural hair natural hair journey ;) (my curls ain’t struggling!!-who put that there?? lol) The look on baby girl’s face says it all That hot comb has probably seen better days and so has her hair…and mine…and yours…and the sister who painted it So that face though Is the “beauty” worth the pain?

As a natural woman, I find that I often get asked how long my hair really know...because ya afro isn't proof enough that you actually have real healthy hair *eye roll* Or when I plan to straighten it next or if I ever do Nothing wrong with a little style change But the flat iron struggle (now that’s a struggle..a damn near battlefield with the heat protectors, multiple blow dryer settings, heat-less stretching tools and whatever the hell else will get those coils tamed into a blow-out) I just gave up Plus The last time I did straighten my hair, my curls did not bounce back the way we planned (remember curls? we talked about this-ugh!) So I just let it go I felt like I was trying to fit in anyway Like if I had a “fancy” event coming up …I’d straighten my hair Or if I had a job interview that I really wanted to land…I’d straighten my hair Or! Oh! Even if I was dating someone new…I’d straighten my hair for the first date Cray! What the hell? My hair is beautiful and there’s nothing more rewarding then a successful bantu-knot out (I mean…will that EVER happen to me?? my naturals will understand) but yea The struggle is so real so I gave that up I'm thinking of giving up the "fleeky" edges too? Save a couple dollars at the beauty supply when I don't pile edge control into my cart Like why do we lay what's already doing what it's gonna do? Idk...that might take some getting used to but Even using "frizz free" products Does it really even work? Na...let the humidity go over 50% and my hair is like "alright Amber we love your effort, but it's time to make it do what it do" & poof! I'm Angela Basset after the fire in Waiting to Exhale...


but you know if it weren't a movie and the heat actually had an effect on her hair


Yup... and still as beautiful as ever!

Remember when we used to get relaxers and run from the water hose at the pool parties? Now we’re running from the flat irons! Bliss! #yesqueens

Xoxo- Ams

P.S. Please Google image search "Natural Hair Art"...if you haven't's glorious.

Anyway..time to end this. I'm riding the train and I'm getting side eyes from the 10 or so Angela Basset pictures I just saved to my desktop lol - love my life sometimes. XOXO