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Latest News: Chicago, ILFour Black Teens Charged in Hate Crime If you haven't heard about it already, find the story here

Now The actions performed by these teens here is wrong. Dead wrong. End of story. It took me some time on this one I had to really gather and organize my thoughts on this one to give my two cents Hate Crime? Hmmmm...I don't 100% agree Crime? Sure Immature? Very Stupid? Extremely Hurtful to all of those involved - including the family of the tortured boy - for sure Ok, so y'all understand my viewpoint on the entirety of it all? The bigger picture? Ok good.

Now... What's making my shit itch about the media (not new though) Is that Folks are blaming this on the Black Lives Matter Movement (I linked the website, so if you aren't informed...educate yourself...you're welcome) Now c'mon Amerikkka Anyone with common sense can see that this is in NO way linked to a movement that is dedicated to bringing justice and equality to those that the system was built to and forever will (sadly) oppress Even if it came straight from those kid's mouths...it's just not true If you think this is the case, you are sadly mistaken and poorly educated No arguments

This is the problem with the privileged They love to throw pity parties and invite all of us at home willing to tune in and watch and oh man, are we watching What is that teaching our society? To blame the black folks when justice was already served? Because...sending them to jail (where they belong at this point) wasn't enough? Y'all understand that we GET that this crime was full of ugly spirit and stupidity ? Right? Y'all do know that we aren't supporting those kids on this? Right?....RIGHT!?

Damn, As if we don't get enough of y'alls daily whippings

Yes There will be some who make the obvious comparison about how, if this were flipped, people would be far from up in arms and try to pull records and drug tests and "reasons" (pssch) as to why it's not a hate crime let alone a crime period But I digress... We cannot continue to create false realities of what is or isn't when it benefits us as a people or race Not sure why we still have to preach that to society

So to the family of that child I'm sorry That he had to endure that senseless act of evil To those teens that are now feeling the repercussions Next time Do better God..please..just do better