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I'm headed home to the Chi from a nice little vacay to Arizona for my cousin's graduationIt's always nice seeing your loved ones prosper Watching the relief on hundreds of graduating students faces walk across that stage brought that spark back that I thought had gone out It's back & today Today I promise To sing more To write more To design more To sketch more To run again To read more To study what I love To love what I study To just be that Amber that couldn't be stopped That Amber that started this blog in the first place Writers block will only pause my efforts not stop them My nerves will only make me want to sing that much more My lack of knowledge about fashion will only make me set up that appointment for the arts school I SHOULD'VE attended for college (see you Friday Art Institute) My 9-5 will only serve as what I do not who I am (for now) My desires will light the flame again I promised that Amber that I won't dream but plan I am, dammit, I am.