Not a Zero. Not your Business 


Body shamingI'm not for it At all We most often see discrimination & judgement against larger bodies Yeah, weight related health risks exist (big or small) but you can't tell that just by looking! I want society to sharpen their sight of body shaming against ALL people That's right people "Skinny" women get it too The snarky remarks like... "What, do you wear like a double 00? You must barely eat!" or "You need some meat on your bones!!" because apparently my 23 years of healthy & happy survival depends on more "meat" Now tell me one time you ever responded positively to a suggestion like eat some more... OKAY. Moving on. Weight on both ends of the spectrum is often out of our control, especially as a woman when hormones, stress, child baring, eating habits, matabolism & health conditions all play a part It's so easy to appear comfortable in your own skin when your skin has all been and will always be your skin but It's not always easy, deflecting the offensive comments Even when you know it wasn't thrown at you to be defended It's common sense, well one can hope, that there should not be a war on bodies I hear too often the contrast between what a "real woman" consists of just based off of how much or less she carries on her bones Women are real Point blank period Shaming the body that you certainly do not control is the first step to destruction Shaming the body that you do control based on other people's perception is self destruction So let's marinate on that Let us Re-construct Re-build Re-think Love Accept & embrace

Loving all parts of us makes it that much easier to love ourselves and all that comes with