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It Wasn't Until I Freed Her

It Wasn't Until I Freed Her


I can't lose!

Took me 23 years to be...

Free of most insecurities I let stick to me and become my reality

Free of the toxins I put in my body through food

Free of the idea that chemically processed hair was "good hair"

Free of the weight of my biological father's absence

Free of the burden that was being an special occasion only church going hypocrite

Free of thinking spirituality is wrong if it's not bonded by denomination

Free of settling for less than I deserved in men who wouldn't settle for me

Free of giving a damn what people think of my sexuality and wild heart

Free of being chained to societies idea of what beauty is

Free of wondering when my body would be considered "womanly"

Free of contemplating covering up or not covering up because a "slut" is an actual relevant term that makes any sense when a woman can do whatever the hell she pleases babe (yea, re-read that one..sarcastically as ever..ok, carry on)

Free of not understanding what being unapologetically black really entails

Free of being "color blind" to the issues that affect my brothers and sisters on a daily

Free of wanting to be free but not actually being that

Free of wondering if this freedom will last forever

It's lasting baby I see her shinin'

Protect Your Mental

Protect Your Mental

Pick Ya Brain, Not My Hair

Pick Ya Brain, Not My Hair