Homeboy, I'm Not Here for You


In my uber Yes, my uber out of all places to have this debate

My  driver asked me "how long have you been all natural like this?"
I paused because it was literally the second time within an hour that a man asked me that & it made me laugh since my Afro and bare face was apparently such a commodity all of a sudden
Before I could even respond I was commended
For contributing to his patriarchal mindset
"You know, men don't like all that makeup and fake hair anyway" the driver proceeded to tell me
I had to stop him right there
If it hasn't already been made clear
Women don't have to or not have to wear makeup for the satisfaction of a man
I do nothing for the acceptance of a man's approval
Don't get me wrong, both sexes do things to impress the other
but that is situational
My appearance is for me 100% of the time, because man or no man..I come home to me
I'll die me
With me
& covering up or not
Making my face up or not
It's for me