Dear Unarmed Black Man


Dear unarmed black man,


Meaning unequiped , this feeling.. of being de-masculinized by your fear
By your sadness
By your confusion
It's uneasy, I know
To feel so weak & unable to dig up the reasons as to why by yourself
It is OKAY to sit WITH it
but don't sit ON it
Don't wear the mark on your back like a target..wear the outcome like a cape
You're someone's superman
& even he had his kryptonite
Dear unarmed black man,
I know the fear stricken by the red & blue lights
I know the sweat trickling from authority's sights
Be cool black man
We WILL be alright
I know the outrage behind the theft of our lives
I know the things it makes you want to do at night
But be cool black man
What we can do bad, we can do 100x better
They know that.
Let's show that


Thank you to Darren Georgia for the beautiful visual depictions of these words.
Thank you to Andre Fuqua for being the perfect face of what I had hoped to portray as vulnerability, strength & color.