The Training Wheels are Off


I was with an old friend who was curious about the people I hang around outside of our interactions We browsed Facebook & came across one of my dopest acquaintances but..After seeing a picture of this person.. It was "um really?"

So I thought

Why do we do that? Why do people limit themselves on the people they could come into contact with based on the things we allow people to see?

Why not think , well my friend has good times with this person, this could be someone I'd like to meet!

Once I got past the cliques, comfort and "no new friends" ways of thinking is when I started to meet the most incredible people

You can have a circle

but you can also have a circle and a square

Finding others interesting helps you find yourself interesting

You explore

Learn Grow Go forward We aren't 5 anymore This is life People are always going to be different

We see people & become people

Take the training wheels off & ride this thing called life