eye appreciate ya!


It's so refreshing to get feedback about my works! Yes, I consider them works. No matter how small or thoughtful/thoughtless my posts may be, I put every ounce of myself into them.

I see beauty in SO many things at this point in my life .

I see beauty in love, hate, pain, forgiveness, strength, loneliness, music, hell..the yappy ass chihuahua that wakes me up barking every morning, the raindrops, a random person's smile, the jerk of train, the cracks in the sidewalks, the smell of fresh coffee.. Just to name a few

So when I write or capture those things

I transform

Even if just for a moment.. I can be or see something unusually beautiful..I'm drawn in

Blogging for me is this...

never ending step outside of my comfort zone with every post

I'm so glad every reader, friend, family, fellow blogger and stranger has decided to come away with me for each of these  moments!

Thank you in abundance to all who read, comment, like & share inherlife