Woah, Man


Social MediaMakes it so easy to take away To take away from ourselves To believe in these brainless depictions of what society is supposed to be

I don’t want to see another “women these days” meme Putting down the way that A sins differently than B We can’t move forward as woman & damn sure not as a society if we continue to classify ourselves as hoes vs “wifey types” and make assumptions based on the APPEARANCE we CHOOSE to uphold

We all possess a superpower that is being woman We all sin We all love We all win We all lose

Let’s lift each other up You see her struggling? lend that woman a hand You see her succeeding? give that woman a hand

Social media so wrongfully depicts what woman is, was and should be Don’t get me wrong, we see the rare circulation of a woman that’s done well & that’s who we are inspired by, but why so rarely? Why not all of us? Why not more often?