Beyond the Degree

A look into what college was like for my confidence & my soul.

I made a lot of new friends & connections
A lot of people, misinformed, or merely lacking the want to be, would dismiss my presence or racal identity by saying "This is Amber, my black friend..but she's not like the rest of them , she's not your typical black girl ."
I cannot express to you in any amount of words how much this would grind my gears
I let it slide so often
A slight part of me felt like "oh, I'm accepted! I'm in! I'm good with these folks!"
They threw a blanket on me
They covered up their own insecurities about introducing their black friend
I allowed it
I became that blanketed black friend
No more
I'm me
I'm not your typical anything
No other man, woman, race, gender, career, relationship or thing defines that