Welcome to my first blog post. Ever. I'd like to start by thanking everyone in my life for making this possible (and by everyone, I mean me). I'm incredibly sarcastic. The journey of this blog will take you there, but on my first post, I want to talk about my day today.

I want to talk about my day as a black woman.

My day as a natural black woman.

My day as a natural black woman working a 9-5 in a business casual office setting.

My hair, in it's natural, big, semi-curled and dry state, is somehow always the center of attention. From the train ride into work..the stares from my peripherals begin. The confusion, I can tell, as to whether I am headed to get it tamed or on to my day job like the rest of the city, begins. When I walk in the office & that brother says to me "everybody has their fros out today, the regret begins. The reality sinks in.

Why is the afro so condemned? So shocking? So concerning? Why aren't we used to this by now?