The Little Thingz

Amsquad!! What is up y’all? For those of you who don’t know, I just had a birthday and I am feeling light, refreshed and amazing to be another year older! Recently, I began watching “Killer Mike’s Trigger Warning” on Netflix and if you’ve seen it, you have seen his episode about living within the black community, buying black, wearing black, etc. Now while I love the idea, he definitely explored how tough it is and in turn challenged his viewers to shop black every Friday, if they could. Well, for me, challenge accepted! This week’s style post features my newest obsession, a unique sweatshirt by a Black Owned Brand.

Keep scrolling for details…

This one is all about the details.

This one is all about the details.





  • Sweatshirt - Souk Bohemian

  • Pink Shades - Aldo Accessories

  • Double “Gold” Chain - Aldo Accessories

  • Rose Gold Colored Hoops - H&M

  • Black Jeans - Levi’s