Pretty N Pink

Pink is my absolute favorite color! I just love how bright and vibrant it is no matter what shade it’s in. I feel like I’m floating when I find a great pink piece to add to my wardrobe, and what’s better than finding one piece? Finding two! This outfit is like a sweet sundae😋 topped and finished off with pieces in my fave hue!

Keep scrolling for more details... 




Pink “The Future is Female” hoodie - H&M $19

Black patent leather mini skirt - Pataya Boutique $19 (on sale)

Black Lip Tote - Amber Snearl Art $80. Snag yours here 

Pink Kswiss Tennis Shoes- DSW $40

Pink Cap- Local Boutique

Vintage Buttons - Finds at Grandma’s House 

It’s a beautiful day! 

Xoxo- Ams