Self Care is More Than a Hashtag


Self Care...Oh self care...

Everyone wants a part of you Everyone wants to have you To exploit you To need you

& they should We should We all need self care, but we all need SELF CARE

While self care can be had in many different ways It can also be mistaken for things that we ...well...should be doing anyway I know I'll sound cliche', but let's do something different in 2018 Let's do more with self care (and by let's I mean me)

Let's practice self-care everyday Let's put ourselves first Let's not drag ourselves to happy hours and outings when we really feel like going home to chill out and be at peace Let's not answer the phone when we don't feel like talking Let's not continue to ignore the moments where self care is necessary in the form of something other than a relaxing bath or hair cut

Let's redefine self care So that... Self care is (?)

Self care is Allowing yourself to feel what you feel and to not beat yourself up for feeling that way Self care is Dating the right people and finding great relationships that you define...not that define you Self care is Speaking up for yourself in those uncomfortable situations that you find yourself in the center of (aka all of the can I touch your hair questions that go without a...FUCK NO)

Self care is Eating properly Balancing your substance intake Managing your money Making time for YOU and YOU only Dating the people who add to your energy, not drain you of it Acting upon your talents and being your biggest fan Doing what you love

So take care.


Happy 2018!