The first black _________.


Let's talk about somethingLet's talk about being the first black "something".

I started thinking about this because of something I came across on social media, but of course, and I delayed writing about it because I wasn't sure which side I was on, but then I remembered that I don't have to be sure, nor did I have to choose a side 'cuz this is my blog and I write want I wanttttttt

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So back to the topic.

I was scrolling through my timeline on the gram a few weeks ago and came across all of the photos in praise of Tiffany Haddish and her well deserved spot as the first black woman to host SNL.

Now, I'm scrolling, liking and sharing like damn Tiffany, you go girl! You flaunt that black girl magic!! ...and then...I did what I usually stop myself from doing and trolled through the comments It was nice though, to see that people weren't being bullies for a change and were congratulating this queen on her win...and then I came across the one The one comment that made me ponder enough to sit back and think and write about this

I wish that I'd taken a screenshot, but the words written in this comment jumped out to me like the scent of the first rainfall after a drought The comment read a little something like this - "Black people, why do we get so hyped up to be the first black anything? As if our success and existence isn't valid until we've appealed to white folks?" I was so taken aback...I think I might've read that comment a good 5 or 6 times before I swiped away and got lost in my thoughts

So here is what I think about that...from BOTH sides

Why this does matter Being the first black anything is important. Representation matters. It's important because it paves a way. It allows for us to break though and breakdown barriers that were built to hold us back. It allows for there to no longer be any more first black "somethings" and for us to be among each other for years to come. It allows little black girls and little black boys to say, wow, I can do that too and then to do it. In the same light, this also shows us how the history of this country is still haunting us. It shows and reminds us that in a pool of "others" we are the "other". We have to be the first black ____ in 2017? Still? Still? Yea...

Why this doesn't matter Being the first black anything is just another way to make us feel like until we've reached and appealed to the masses, our success wasn't noticeable or of value. It's like with our beloved Obama family, he was the first black president...and also the first um..well..good president?? Hello? However, I digress. Think about if we profited within our own communities and our own communities only. We'd be just another success story ,just another black person doing what we're great enough to do. It'd be the norm, not the soap box. Yea...

So, ultimately, I'm leaning more toward this does matter, although it's sad that it has to, but it does. Nonetheless, I think so broadly that I can't help but to give the benefit of the doubt to the theory behind that comment and explore both angles. That's all I've got for now.

What are your thoughts?? Drop your comments below.

xoxo -Ams