10 Scenes from Insecure That Are Relatable AF


Issa Rae created magic with her hit show Insecure on HBO. She pretty much wrote the black version of Days of Our Lives - just, uhh slightly less melodramatic and definitely more relatable. I'm pretty late in writing this post season 2, but I needed a "fun post" to take my mind off of reality. It's my response to me asking me "why so serious?".

So. Here. We. Go. (peep the Batman, Dark Knight references)

Molly at work searching for “vacation flights”

yvonne_orji_insecure_molly.0 Now I have a good job, but man, we all have those days when we just sit back and start daydreaming about those white sand beaches and all-inclusive buffets for a week or two. Buffet daydreams. Is it just me? Oh ok...ha.

Issa & Daniel deciding if they’re in a situationship or well, a situationship.

Insecure-Ep-204-Issa-Daniel Beennnnn there, done that. Situationships have been a flop for me and deciding if the situation deserves some sort of unspoken exclusivity to be able to even title it a situationship is even more of a situation???

Issa rehearsing her reaction to Lawrence’s appearance at her apartment...and then he doesn’t show.

insecure_season_2.png.CROP.promo-xlarge2 'Cuz yea, it's believable that you're having a poppin' a** party on the same night you invited your ex over to pick up his mail (I mean, it is totally believable in our minds). I can't tell you how many times I've hit an ex with the "I have plans" line when they ask for their things back meanwhile I'm drowning in popcorn and tacos in the couch in the same clothes from the day before.

That post breakup couch quickie, followed by the kiss on the cheek, UGH.

Lawrence-Kisses-Issa Why is it always on the couch?? Why?? Ok, let me not insert my supressed aggression. This is for us, not me. *Cough* But okay, so the couch...the couch is just as sacred as the bed, y'all know that right? Now I have to find a new place to bum it out without the stench of regret. If  there were a rulebook to post bad break-up meet-ups, a kiss on the cheek, forehead, hand, couch sex, etc. should be off-limits. Those are the ultimate "I still love you, but I don't want to say it" moves. No kisses, no answering the door in boyshorts, no couch sex please. A handshake or car hook-up, maybe. Ok ok, just a handshake. Babysteps.

Lawrence’s untimely entrance at dinner with his uninvited new beau...while Issa dines in awkwardness.

Screen-Shot-2017-09-04-at-10.03.41-AM.png Now luckily, this hasn't happened to me yet - well - the new girl as a +1 part hasn't, but I've definitely been to some pretty awkward "mutual friend" dinner parties post break-up with unresolved ex issues in the air. Not fun. Not fun at all.

Issa inviting herself to Eddie’s place only to find out she definitely should’ve called first...

x240-3rj Issa, girl?? Are you reading my mind? My diary? Definitely my diary. I can count on one hand, and the other, and maybe a few toes, the amount of times I've volunteered myself as company and then ended up with egg on my face. "Oh I have your, um, your thing" and you know you just HAVE to bring it over in person...and stay a while. Haha.

Thug Yoda & his boys crashing the wine down with their line dance...really...is it choreographed?

Thug-Yodas-La-Raw-Huey-T-Shirt-as-seen-on-Insecure-e1501855447641.png Questions that need answers. I mean, really, is it though? No, but really...is it??

Molly in therapy with a wall up telling her therapist that “everything’s going great!”

1_hmJMK8jQfwwxObn5s_9ALg.png We all do it. "Everything's going great! Yep! Perfect! No Complaints!".*Leaves therapy session* "Waiit, Nope. Everything is not fine. Everything is not fine at all"

Issa insta-stalking Tasha after finding out she’s Lawrence's rebound chick.

1_DFEs8n9GDwAWOPkBg5Qp8Q.jpeg Oh man, if there's anything a scorned woman is good at, it's magically turning into inspector gadget once you found out who the new gal in town is around your old boo, finding her social media and making comparisons in your head about how she doesn't compare to you...you know just based on the oh-so-telling photo feed they have.

Issa reminding Molly that Dro is married and asking her “what’s in it for you??”

11-insecure-recaps-204.w710.h473 Good girlfriends tell the truth. Whether it hurts or helps, we got to tell our girl what's up! Can't tell you how many of these chats I've been on both the receiving and delivering end of and still acting surprised every time Every...single..time.

Clearly I am having withdrawals.

Okay, ttyl! Off to re-watch season 2 for the umpteenth time and write what I think the script for season 3 will be in my head.

xoxo -Ams