Woah, Man (Pt. 2)


Over a year ago, I wrote "Woah, Man"A piece inspired by the urge to break down the stigmas surrounding women's behavior and what is deemed "lady-like" by society ...and the unattainable expectations of how society and social media believe that we should live our lives as maternally as possible

I'm writing part two today because there's more. I wasn't done.

As women, we have to fight against a lot of social construct A lot of "but as a woman" type standards and such On a daily basis

So take me, for example. I'm a young woman A single young woman A woman with ambition and drive A woman with the foundation and tools to set herself up for success

Yet... When I utter the words "I don't want children" I have to spit them out with caution because I never get the reaction that I'd think I am allowed to even ask for

I often get the "sentence finisher" so when I say I don't want kids - they cut me off and finish my sentence with a "yet." *Face Palm* Oh, or the "gasper" so when I say I don't want kids - they take a step back and let out an "oh my God, are you sure about that?" reaction. Oh wait..wait...there's also the "psychic/fortune teller" so when I say I don't want kids - they respond with "you say that now, wait until you find love" Because you know, if you didn't want something by yourself, a man's pressure and persuasive being can make you want things you never even dreamed about...


I think I might've come across the perfect response just one time. So I held on to that. It went a little something like this:

Me: No, I don't want to have kids. Never have. Her: Oh, really? I never knew that about you. Me: Yup. Just not something I've ever naturally wanted, never has been. It just doesn't appeal to me, and I mean...especially not right now. I'd rather focus on my career goals, you know? Her: Wow, that's amazing. That you know that. Don't let any man or person talk you out of that. I know people, selfish people, that probably didn't need or want to have kids but...well. Me: Yea...hmph, thanks! *Smiles*

To Be Continued.

-xoxo, Ams