Based in Chicago, IL. In Her Life is a blog by Amber Snearl. Her posts explore modern ideals of success, politics, personal experiences as a POC, feminism and everyday life.

We Need to Talk...

Hey...We need to talk

Yes Anxiety, I Have to Let You Go

Fear I have to Let You Go

Self-Doubt I can't have you anymore

Regrets I can't live with you any longer

Negative Thoughts and What If Scenarios You have to say off my mind

Carelessness It's not me...It's You

Pessimism You're of no real value to my life never really were

Laziness I just don't feel the same way about you that I used to

Hey... All of you..

hey...c'mon now gather around:

Clears Throat & Clinks Glass: "It's OVER!"






Speak On It

Speak On It