What Does Ghetto Mean to You


What is ghetto to you?Like, what is it? A characteristic? A diss? A place or area? I don't even think I know what it is to me? but For some odd reason (not odd, but, for the sake of word placement...odd) I don't like that word It's almost like when white folks don't have another adjective in their vocabulary to describe us so they say "you people" It's like when people say "in the ghetto" and "that place is ghetto" Like? What's the difference...you know? You do know. It has such a negative connotation and while Disenfranchised peoples and communities are not a positive...why are we so quick to just blanket them all and call it/their existence ...ghetto? I just never hear it being used correctly Too much to ask? No....

I had a teacher in 7th grade Dr.Lord She was from the Philippines and she was smart as hell She never took her work as an educator for granted She taught some disenfranchised and some the complete opposite and still unaware Yet She never let us forget the difference between the ghetto and the ghetto She reminded us, at times directly and other times not, that her ghetto was cardboard boxes for walls Shacks made of tin for the "floor" Fearing the rain for it might cave in the roof but she needed it because it was not moist enough out for her plants and only source of food to grow "You think you know ghetto? I came from the ghetto! I am the ghetto!" is what she used to shout to us when we tried to make microscopic of the things that mattered and make huge of less than trivial events in our adolescent lives

That taught me something

Because something doesn't work...it's not ghetto Because someone or someplace is not what you're used to and it therefore confuses you as to how someone existing can exist there ...it's not the ghetto Because you're unaware of a better solution ...it's not ghetto Because someone's dialect is a litter heavier and their lips swing lower when they talk...they're not ghetto

Here are some alternatives instead: A) "Economically disadvantaged" B) "I just shouldn't say what I have to say unless I have a better vocabulary"

I was told enough growing up.

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Please, really, read that article^

When I use it (I try, I am human)...

I use it as this:







Not the other. Which I don't see the point in downloading a picture for, because we all know where I'm headed with this one." Case in point.