"Should I Post This?"

*that's my artwork*

I died last year I died and came back I died, lied, cried, subside-d Briefly Well, what felt like a lifetime in the moment Wait? Did I do? Did I fake my death? Did I die on the inside and fluff up the outside? Did I put on the award winning act of my solo career? Was I Lying while I was dying? Lying to myself Everyday Was I Dying to myself? Every Single Day I'm stronger because of this (I'm stronger than this) I am smart Remember? I'm a grow(ing) young woman with a degree and a life built all on my own I can't keep being so stupid Can I? Am I asking too much? *Kendrick Lamar Voice* I mean, am I? Will I get any better than this? In anything In anyone?

You killed me last year You strategically planted your seeds From Day One You're not that smart you know That "art" you know You don't re-late to us

Something came over me Way too hard *gasp* Wait ...WAIT...I SAID WAIT You're still alive So how did I die? How did? Who did? Who are you? WHAO ARE YOU!? Oh My God

I'm alive.