Brown While Working


Well...I had a phenomenal week I was having a phenomenal week I mean Na. I am...I am My vehicle just swerved a little Skurt Skurt a little Okay, I'm playing...let me stop

Here it is:

"No one man should have all that POWER!" Ye' said it & many others before him have as well This statement, this line in a song, this catchy one-liner in a blog post like...this summarization of an umbrella shading MANY issues underneath It was proven Personally At work...I had my "aha moment" my "don't forget you're a minority" moment

What I thought to be a classy and well thought out conversation (in my head) about cultural sensitivity and how it is lacking in my office and needed to be fixed turned into a "who knows more" about what neither of us TRULY know about anyway debate Small but mighty Saying so much with so little

"A few people in the office who are of hispanic background have come to me to discuss their feelings of being offended by next week's celebration" -this is me here

Words and words and more words and "Amber, I think you are reading too much into this" - this is you Ya...

See What she really meant to say was "you are thinking way ahead of me...this is too much to process and I cannot keep up"

I brought to her attention That a few colleagues of mine who are of the culture in which we are preparing to celebrate were offended by what could turn out to be a party for something that the participants know nothing about THEY ARE OF THAT CULTURE THEY ARE OF THAT CULTURE THEY ARE THE CULTURE THEY ARE

So Instead of taking their word for it Their lifetime of experience living it Their , oh I don't know, hometowns and families and f****n ENTIRE EXISTENCE She Googled her answer as to why they SHOULD NOT be offended and spat that back at me as what I'm sure she'd hoped would get me to leave her office

and it did... but I went back....

Is it because I'm black? That she thinks I'm overreacting for us all(us brown people)? That because I don't know the culture firsthand, that I can't speak up for those who do? Honestly...I did not even carry my race in my "what-ifs" going thru my head That's just how self-less I wanted this to be "So are you a voice for the people?"

Wait...Was she trying to be funny? No. She can't be Because she's got a mixed family - she even bombarded me with pics and references to their hometowns and backgrounds just to prove it So , OH!! Automatically she "gets it"


Let me tell y'all something I got just a little bit of every thing in my family Yet I can only speak to what I KNOW and LIVE THRU Just like they voiced to me

I was merely a channel - but to her I was a channel that remotely needed to be changed

It's crazy, You don't even notice it until it happens We are still a ways to go