Now Serving #PrisonIndustrialComplex


We have a new president& he's now serving piping hot bullshit on a plater Just like many before him & unfortunately, just like many to come Trump's problem is that he overlooks this country Entirely He does not see  want to see the roots this country was built on Maybe we should bring back Alex Haley and sit down and make him watch ROOTS...I'll join, because, frankly I have not seen it in its entirety either (sigh)... But I digress "President Trump" (please take my quotations as a written outcry of misery that I have to consider him POTUS) has taken jabs at abortion (safe abortion), Chicago killings (deeply rooted in systematic oppression and anger and mostly insanity) and the Dakota Access Pipeline (which I haven't yet...but want to give props to those native to the land who have been there day in and out in protest) and yet not once has this man gotten to the root... Nor has anyone on his team for that matter

He tweeted yesterday (and I don't even have a Twitter any longer-but his twitter fingers follow just about all of us now like a sad dog who got left at home and screams for attention all day even though no one hears him) that "If Chicago doesn't fix the horrible "carnage" going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!" It's as if, this JUST became apparent to him as he stepped into the race and took office

Donald, Where were you in 2016? 24% less killing  "ago"? (that is completely grammatically incorrect, but I don't care right now) When the feds come, who gets sent away? and do the crooked cops get to go with them?? White Amerikkka's answer to our most deeply rooted social inequalities is prison, prison and more prison...

You see social/political/economic problems? They seen prison. We see mass incarceration? They see profit $$

You see, I live in Chicago I see it everyday - hell, I heard the last shooting was actually a few feet away from my apartment building & though I'm not religious, I prayed on that one I see homeless men and women who've lost touch with their mental and just barely disturb the peace who are getting arrested and thrown in and out of jail for just trying to get by So back to the R.O.O.T see?

Should I be a politician? Na, I probably smoke to much for that (and I RARELY do) but it's still probably too much & just a enough, in fact, to get sent away with the big boys if I ever get caught. Plus I halfway don't know what I'm talking about, I just know what I live through and what I want to see change (well shit, actually that's how they are too) so maybe (joking) SEE WHAT I MEAN?

Anyways - yea, every time I write a post I study what I wrote about so that I don't just leave it all here. So cheers to increased web searches on the opinions of the prison industrial complex and hopefully digging up a few research papers and better thought out blog entries about it from different angles.

I'm listening to N.W.A now (rockin' haha)

Be back later.