Why You Always Gotta Be So Mad?


Solange said it best - I ran into this girl, she said, "Why you always blaming?" "Why you can't just face it?" (Be mad, be mad, be mad) "Why you always gotta be so mad?" (Be mad, be mad, be mad) "Why you always talking shit, always be complaining?" "Why you always gotta be, why you always gotta be so mad?" (Be mad, be mad, be mad) I got a lot to be mad about (Be mad, be mad, be mad)

That woman summed up YEARS of caged feelings of mine (and I'm sure manyyy other black girls too) into one 3minute-55 second song. YES just YES

So if I could write a song, well, a blog post for that matter about the same thing...it'd go a little something like this:

Don't tell me to calm down I already do Everyday I turn my trap music down on the train or in crowded spaces filled with people unlike myself.. even when I have my personal headphones plugged in I lower my voice in public places so not to look too stereotypical or l.o.u.d I try not to offend you by saying the sh*t I'm REALLY thinking about you asking to touch my hair I try to giggle or smile & keep my mouth shut when you use the term ghetto or ratchet incorrectly around me thinking I'll accept it as if it's a normal part of my vocabulary & daily life without question I act as if I agree when you try to be "down" with me because of how "pretty my skin is for my color" I stay quiet when you grab your clutch around the men that I share company with who carry themselves with double the class you have with your subtle skip of a heartbeat in our presence I answer your outlandish questions about my culture when you come to me as your "in" for the things that happen in my community that you could easily Google I accept your "I just love your hair it's so fluffy" comments even when I tried so hard to reduce the "fluff" upon my 2+ hour hair routine I shrug off your look of surprise when I tell you my accomplishments & your react as if I'm special because "no one else like me had ever done this before" I've been calm a lot Maybe a little too calm in fact... So yea Just don't Don't tell me to calm down anymore I'd appreciate it