My normal. Their appropriation.


If we never needed protective hairstylingYou wouldn't have that "fresh urban look" If we didn't already do that whole... "Boxer Braids" look. No.. Cornrows.... (Yes, CORNROWS, Kim K.) Lip injections, plumpers and kits To try and emulate our natural How-to videos on getting "African-American curls" Come on... Rub on tans with shades that surpass most of our choices in makeup ..but you can wash that off when the day's over You can take that hair down and return to your normals Your small procedures arent forever & your privilege won't even be questioned Oh yeah, You wouldn't have the example to mirror without the original

Cultural appropriation It's real It's alive and well Our lifestyles are now seasonal fashion trends but when it's a dying trend & we still leave and breathe that reality..then what? can I live ??