Why reverse racism is not a thing in my book & shouldn't be in yours!

“Black Guilt” simply does not exist. The minority has historically & currently been mistreated and oppressed by whites. Why would we feel guilty?

“Black privilege” is unheard of terminology. We have never had economical, social or political benefit based on the color of our skin or identification w/ our origins…and no, affirmative action does not count, skin complexion does not count, & basically…just no.

“White lives matter” will never be a movement. Society never even questioned nor ignored that.

“White history month” sounds appalling, right? Black history gets “official” recognition for one month..the shortest month of the year, mind you. Yup, that’s right, 28 days! (29, if you’re lucky that year)

& if that is not enough to prove my point..I pose to you the following: