When people tell me "you must be mixed" it doesn't rub my ego the way some women think it would.

A lot of people, confused and lacking confidence, would take this as a compliment. Thinking to themselves, well someone thought that my blackness was infused with something else, making me different from the rest.

I ultimately cannot fathom ever having that mindset. 

You see, I am black.


I am very happy and embracing to be so.

The curl of my hair, the fairness of my skin and the implication of talking "white" deemed by my proper English is only who I am physically.

That is who I am on the outside, there is no color, no race. 

I look different, not mixed. Not even so different in my opinion , but through their eyes I must look so 

It's offensive, almost, that people imply beauty as being mixed, isn't black enough?